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Killaloe to Dun Laoghaire

Part 5 - Kilmore Quay to Dun Laoghaire

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Day 9 - Kilmore Quay to Dun Laoghaire

Sun 23rd July, Ocean Froggie arrived safely in Dun Laoghaire 1140. We left Kilmore Quay at 0600 along with a few 'Cork Week' yachts returning east. Yippee we made it. :) Good weather which was very welcome after yesterdays little Rock'n'Roll off Waterford and Hook head. Plenty of wind farms to see both ashore and at sea (ie Arklow bank). Kept off the coast until Arklow and then hugged the coast up past Brittas Bay, Wicklow, Greystones, Bray Head, and through Dalkey sound (ie between Sorrento Point and Dalkey Island). Then to the edge of Bullock harbour before continuing on into Dun Laoghaire marina. We really were thrilled to have made it around to DL, thanks in no small part to the good weather.

0600am - Wexford coast

Wind Farms on Wexford coast before turning north for Tuskar Rock

Tuskar Rock light house – Where once a shamrock perished

Arklow Town – There is a nice marina in there if you need a pit stop

Arklow bank wind farm

Famous Brittas Bay beach in Co Wicklow used on sunny days by many from south Dublin

Wicklow Head

The County Wicklow coast line, known as the Garden county of Ireland and where we are lucky to live. We were fascinated to see our home county from the water. The Great Sugar loaf mountain is just to left of the coaster, and the Small Sugar Loaf right of centre, with the famous Glen-O-the-Downs between them.

Rush Hour - M50 traffic jam (M25 for UK viewers)

The Great Sugar Loaf just south of Dublin, with Greystones in the foreground.

Bray Head with the Dart commuter train passing through its tunnels

Ferris Wheel at foot of Bray head. Bray a lovely Edwardian town was once a famous sea side resort.

Amusement Parks on Bray sea front

Dalkey sound marks the entrance to Dublin bay behind. Killiney and Dalkey are known locally as “Little Monaco” with many famous folk, movie stars, directors, pop stars, formula one drivers, BBC TV stars, etc, living on the hill over looking the Irish Sea. Sorrento point to the port and Dalkey Island to stbd. Howth is visible in the far right distance behind tiny Dalkey Island.

1130 Sunday morning. Looking astern at Dalkey sound as we enter Dublin bay bound for Dun Laoghaire. Dublin bay is a hive of leisure boating activity.

Mighty HSS making wake as it accelerates on route to Holyhead.

This junior Helmsman takes Froggie into Dun Laoghaire and moors her perfectly as proud dad watches

Froggie on berth in Dun Laoghaire marina. Famous Royal Irish YC behind

Dun Laoghaire has undergone a renaissance of development in recent years, and has much to offer in its own right including theatre, cinemas, café culture, book and art shops, shopping, and numerous excellent pubs and restaurants. Railway line runs right past the marina giving quick access to the city centre. HSS ferry to Holyhead also based there. DL hosts the Royal Irish YC, Royal St George YC, National YC and DMYC as well as numerous dingy sailing schools.

Royal Irish YC.

Howth in the background across the bay behind the marina which was developed around 2001.

HSS impressive on berth. She uses no mooring lines or fenders, just aims at the massive hydraulic buffer rams and uses thrusters to hold station. Tempted to go under her in the rib – no not a good idea.

Interesting time in DL that week. Plenty of short spins around the bay with friends and family. Two Incidents to report:

  1. Fouled anchor yesterday on old lobster pot lines and cables off Sandycove. Managed to get free after a while by pulling the lot up to the surface for an untangle and cut. Dublin bay seems to be full of junk both on the bottom and floating on the surface.
  2. Youngsters (late teens) swimming off Killiney beech paddled out about 200meters in a 'toy' inflatable dingy suitable for 5yo in a swimming pool. As we pulled anchor after a swim, they started shouting for help, we went over to assist - false alarm, they were just messing. I advised Dublin CG anyway in case they ended up requiring help later against the ebb. Plonkers gave me a slight scare. Otherwise Dublin bay so far has proved fun.

Wicklow skyline at dusk over looking the town of Bray. Sugar Loaf in the background.

Western Sky

At anchor off Killiney Beech while the children swim. It’s 27 deg C!

Had a lovely cruise around the bay this evening. Anchored off Killiney beech for cheese and wine with friends from the IWAI and the crew of Gerda. Dolphins at play nearby, and it was wonderful to moore right up beside the beech and listen to the sea itself echoing off the hill and cliff. Then cruised back to DL between Sorento point and Dalkey island in flat calm, watching all the city lights, navigation lights and the ships manoeuvring in the bay, pilot boats, etc.

Anchored off Killiney for evening cheese and wine with pals.

Day 9 – 85nm @ 18kt AET 5h40m
Arrived Dun Laoghaire 1140 in glorious weather just in time for lunch. We have covered 455nm since leaving Killaloe on Lough Derg 8 days previously. So far this has been the trip of a life time for us and one we will not forget. Looking forward to a week or two in Dublin bay, and back to the office for some work!

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